Spike #29

Spike #29
Author: Rita Vitorelli (ed)
Publisher: New Art Club
Language: English, Deutsch
Pages: 146
Size: 28 x 22,5
Weight: 504 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €9.50
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Product Description

Spike is a quarterly magazine for contemporary art that was founded by the artist Rita Vitorelli in 2004, published in Vienna. The magazine offers new, illuminating, and unconventional perspectives on art and contemporary trends. The inclusion of many voices from the art world, subjective points of view and a first hand directness grant a new proximity to reality.
The heart of the magazine are major contributions on five artists whose work we consider decisive for current artistic debates. In essays, critics from various backgrounds write on contemporary art and analyze developments in contemporary culture.
The art world of Eastern Europe is highly present in Spike; the close interlinking between art and life, art and society, and the existential contribution made by Eastern European artists bear an affinity to the spirit of Spike.
Spike believes that the world can be transformed by art, not just through its mere existence, but by bringing its ideas to the most possible people.