Inventario 04

Inventario 04
Author: Beppe Finessi
Publisher: Edizioni Corraini
Language: English / Italian
Pages: 160
Size: 21 x 27 cm
Weight: 575 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-88-7570-340-0
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Product Description

Investigation goes on full steam ahead into the creative process and the concept of project in the latest issue of INVENTARIO. This time the Mask takes pride of place on the front cover, while inside the disciplines of architecture, design and art communicate in a dialogue with everyday life.

Roberto Marone talks to us about “outsize” jewels made especially for urban spaces, while Cristina Miglio chooses the best in what is authentic, contemporary jewellery design using non precious materials. In the "Futuro prossimo" (Near Future) section we meet JoeVelluto (JVLT), Anselmo Tumpić and Dominic Wilcox, while Giulio Iacchetti gives us his "Brevi Note" (Short Notes) on pen design, from Bíró’s Bic to Konstantin Grcic’s Necklace.
Annalisa Ubaldi introduces us to the world of mirrors as expressed by the visionary talent of Ron Gilad, and compares his work with the experiences of Carlo Mollino, Corrado Levi and others who have designed mirrors – an item constantly present in our lives and open to ever increasingly stupendous inventiveness.
Daniele Lupo and Angelika Burtscher talk to Ika Künzel about an object that has now become a dinosaur: the analog camera. Italo Lupi instead tells us about how Leonardo Sonnoli has revisited and reinterpreted typeface.
And there’s more to come, with Lorena Tonin talking about Traces as an ancestral way of rendering form, a study on Balance by Matteo Pirola, the exhibitions of Carsten Höller, the perfect example of exhibition as a work of art, the project “Seven houses for one house” by Architects DVVT, the Monument against Fascism by Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz, and much more besides.

The contributors to INVENTARIO 04: Roberto Marone on Urban Jewels,
Cristina Miglio on Contemporary Jewellery, Paolo Bocchi on JoeVelluto (JVLT), Anselmo Tumpić and Dominic Wilcox, Giulio Iacchetti on Pens, Annalisa Ubaldi on Mirrors, Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo
interview Ika Künzel, Roberta Valtorta on Collecting/Arranging, Italo
Lupi on Leonardo Sonnoli, Francesco M. Cataluccio and Lorena Tonin on
Traces, Matteo Pirola on Equilibrium, Francesco Garutti on Carsten Höller,
Michele Calzavara on Architecten DVVT, Deborah Duva on Jochen Gerz
and Esther Shalev-Gerz, Alessandro Rabottini on Francis Alÿs.

Beppe Finessi (1966), architect, is involved in education, criticism and research. He is involved through exhibitions and publications in promoting the work of the great masters of Italian design and new exponents on the international scene. Since 2010 he has been director of “Inventario. Everything is a Project”.