Author: Lotte Reimann
Publisher: Art Paper Editions
Language: English
Pages: 48
Size: 21 x 30 cm
Weight: 320 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789490800338
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Price: €25.00
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Product Description

Lotte Reimann’s series about steel, glass, plastic, oil, and dirt – together embodied in the automobile – was inspired by amateur photographers; specifically, the nude (self-) portraits taken by a couple and discovered by Reimann on a picture sharing website. With this material as a starting point, she added images from other random sources on the Internet and then re-photographed all of them from her computer screen. Consequently, the photos are treated as raw material, an eroticised pixilation of muscle cars, burning rubber, high heels, off-roading, tremendous speed, and gas pedals, which weaves a narrative of recklessness, excitement, and arousal.