Neue Graeue

Neue Graeue
Author: Christian Kasners
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Product Description

“Neue Graeue” is a photographic reflection on the relation of the everyday and the political, taking into account the common perception of the political as being essentially transmitted via media.

The work is intended to elaborate ways to comprehend the latent connections between both spheres, which some argue are irreconcilably separated. By applying documentary and narrative strategies the work aims at visualizing and making tangible the latent connections between the two spheres. The photographs consist of situations, motives and places that are related to the gradual shift to inescapable control, to the Right and “into the minds” by means of normalisation, commodification or internalisation (for instance of role models).

The title is associated to this regress to less humane, free and social conditions and to the currency of allegedly settled issues like advertising, commodification, nationalism and racism. It inevitably opens up associations to the use of black and white photography throughout the work which was chosen, e. g. to „flatten“ or equalize ads and their spatial surroundings. Besides the photographs were mostly taken with a smartphone. Partially to remain unnoticed and partially to question its perception as a common mass medium, its relation to surveillance, or more specifically the relation of the surveillant and the surveilled.

The book‘s layout puts emphasis on the fragmentary and „clocked“ nature of photography and partly resembles layout used in graphic novels which, in regard of the photos’ content, alludes to aspects like fictionalization, virtualization or escapism. This is a means of collage and exaggeration which further fictionalizes the photographed, thus emerging more clearly as part of our everyday reality.

Holding on to photography while its applicability to contemporary issues is repeatedly called into question and accredited to other media, is based on the conviction that highly complex issues can still be identified in the everyday and elaborated through photographic means. The everyday as a sphere that is disconnected from the political, global or mediated does not exist.

Edition of 9; hand-bound