Compiler *03 Arbeit

Compiler *03 Arbeit
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For the third edition of the DVD magazine Compiler the curators Cathérine Hug & Isabel Reiß have chosen the subject of ‹work›. The point of departure or the question of how to produce a non-commercial magazine for art videos was the irritating fact that artists, and cultural workers in particular, are constantly confronted with the pressure of legitimization; of having to define and justify their activities as ‹work›. Although it seems that ‹being an artist› is a privilege and a luxury (a prejudice that a majority of people who themselves are not artists/cultural workers have, with very few exceptions), the others (the artists/cultural workers) are pressured into precarious situations in which they have to enter into second or third employment in order to finance and be able to practice their actual profession. As non-profit entrepreneurs, and based on their own situation within art/cultural work, the curators cast a broadened view over aspects of the subject which seem to be particularly relevant. These are: unemployment, the myth of work, corporate identity, flexibility as neo-liberal statement, migration, critique of capitalism, the struggle of workers› rights, sexually exploitative work, and the disappearance and the divergent or historically conditional definitions of work.

For COMPILER*03 they have selected art films and texts as a backdrop device for the topic. The terms listed above should offer a theoretical framework for the discourse with each artwork/video. The majority of contributions were created between 2000 and 2009 and some but not all of them have already appeared as pieces in their own right in both limited and unlimited editions. All of the 15 works compiled here are presented in the same order as they appear in full length on the DVD. Texts on the DVD-ROM by Bankleer, Evtixia Bibassis, Jürg Lehni in conversation with Cathérine Hug, Herbert Schnepf, and Peter Scheiffele in collaboration with Christian Frings, Felix Klopotek and Malte Meyer.