La carte de Tendre

La carte de Tendre
Author: Bernard Villers
Publisher: Incertain Sens
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Size: 28 x 12 cm
Weight: 72 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782914291323
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Product Description

A topographic and allegorical representation of the love life (book of artist leaflet).

This book by Bernard Villers affirms its meaning by the shape of the fold: The card of Tendre . The diagram that explains the order of the folds is also printed on the last page of the folded card, and part of the draw leaves its future readers the task of giving it its own shape. "Tender" is the name of a country imagined in the seventeenth century; Tendre's map is therefore a topographical and allegorical representation of love life, the first version of which dates back more than 300 years. The last, that of Bernard Villers, is perhaps a new interpretation of Et in Arcadia ego;We can see two series of research developed by the artist for more than thirty years, one constructing a poetic of the fold, the other finding the spirit of his first artist's books which prolonged the pictorial practice in the space of the book. The actual map designed by Bernard Villers is indeed marked by a strong poetic value, but purely pictorial. This book can be read as a new topography of happiness in painting.

Belgian painter and publisher born in 1939, Bernard De Villers, known as Bernard Villers, lives and works in Brussels. He claims to be a painter, but a good part of his practice, including pictorial, is developing in various editorial forms: more than one hundred and fifty books, brochures, leaflets or magazines. His work is progressing under the banner of two successive publishing "houses", Le Remorqueur (1976-2003) and Le Nouveau Remorqueur (2003-2015).