Kaldırımlar Kurdunun Hayatı 5

Kaldırımlar Kurdunun Hayatı 5
Author: Masist Gül
Publisher: BAS Istanbul
Language: Turkish, English
Pages: 50
Size: 0x0
Weight: 150 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9944503029
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Price: €39.00
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Product Description

Book in six parts by Masist Gül. Gül (1947–2003) was a multi-faceted artist of Armenian origin, who was born and lived in Istanbul. He made his living in cinema, working as an extra in more than 300 films. He made collages, drawings and copper gravures, wrote poetry, painted portraits and drew graphic novels. None of this was published or exhibited during his lifetime and very few people saw any of his work. During the eighties he conceived and made by hand a series of six books entitled Kaldırım Destanı – Kaldırımlar Kurdunun Hayatı (Pavement Myth – The Life of the Pavement's Wolf), using a periodical comic book format. These, we reproduced and published as facsimiles of the originals.